Recent GPlates research and datasets

Plate tectonic raster reconstruction in GPlates

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Community infrastructure and repository for marine magnetic identifications

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Convergence of tectonic reconstructions and mantle convection models for significant fluctuations in seafloor spreading

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Full-fit reconstruction of the Labrador Sea and Baffin Bay

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Geological, tomographic, kinematic and geodynamic constraints on the dynamics of sinking slabs
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Pacific slab pull and intraplate deformation

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Early Eocene climate model boundary conditions
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Mapping crustal thickness using gravity data: Methods and uncertainties
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Other publications by the EarthByte Group can be downloaded here.

GPlates Version 1.4 Released!

This latest update of GPlates brings added functionality for the export of both numerical floating point-data and colour reconstructed rasters, for a user specified region and resolution. There is also greater flexibility for raster file import, with ERMapper, Erdas Imagine and GeoTIFF files now supported and geo-referencing is retained from source files.

A new 'Move Pole' canvas tool has been introduced that permits modification of reconstruction poles by dragging, or entering coordinates.

Other features added in 1.4:
  • Velocity smoothing at plate boundaries
  • Spreading asymmetry supported for mid-ocean ridges
  • More accurate half-stage rotation at mid-ocean ridges
  • Preview functionality for volume visualisation 3D scalar fields

Research Highlights

Asymmetry of the South Atlantic Mantle Modelled
Dr Nico Flament and others (2014) present models of mantle flow since 200 Ma, that predict mantle temperature, lithospheric stretching, crustal thickness and topography and successfully reproduce the first-order asymmetry of the South Atlantic mantle and uplift in southern Africa through numerical modelling and simulation.

Read the research paper published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

Research Focus Geology

Dr Christian Heine and Dr Sascha Brune's 2014 paper was chosen as a Research Focus for the Geology March edition. Their study, which can be downloaded here, addresses the role of rift obliquity during the opening of the Equatorial Atlantic and the subsequent acceleration of South America.They received extensive international media attention, and these stories are available here.

Awards and Recognition

Dr Maria Seton has been awarded the 2014 Australian Academy of Science Dorothy Hill Prize for her contributions to global plate tectonics, long-term sea-level change and global geodynamics and back-arc basin formation.

Dr Sonja Spasojevic and Professor Mike Gurnis were awarded the Pratt Memorial Award for the most innovative paper published in the American Association of Petroleum Geologists' (AAPG) Bulletin in 2012.

Their paper on sea level change in the Late Cretaceous, undertaken using GPlates software and as a collaboration with Statoil, is available here.

GPlates, represented by Dietmar Müller, was a finalist for The Australian Innovation Challenge 2013, in the Minerals and Energy category. Read the article from The Australian. More about the Innovation Challenge.

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