Global plate models with evolving plate topologies

Short Description Timeframe Reference
Young et al. (2018) Global kinematics of tectonic plates and subduction zones since the late Paleozoic Era.

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410 – 0 Ma Young, A., Flament, N., Maloney, K., Williams, S., Matthews, K., Zahirovic, S., Müller, R.D., Global kinematics of tectonic plates and subduction zones since the late Paleozoic Era, Geoscience Frontiers (2018), doi: 10.1016/j.gsf.2018.05.011."
Merdith et al. (2017) Rodinia model from Gondwana Research.  Download plate model files – zip file 1000 – 520 Ma Merdith, A.S., Collins, A.S., Williams, S.E., Pisarevsky, S., Foden, J.F., Archibald, D., Blades, M.L., Alessio, B.L., Armistead, S., Plavsa, D. and Clark, C., 2017. A full-plate global reconstruction of the Neoproterozoic. Gondwana Research.

Matthews et al. (2016) Late Paleozoic to present-day global model (Global and Planetary Change).
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410 – 0 Ma Matthews, K.J., Maloney, K.T., Zahirovic, S., Williams, S.E., Seton, M., and Müller, R.D. 2016, Global plate boundary evolution and kinematics since the late Paleozoic: Global and Planetary Change, Vol 146, 226-250."
Zahirovic et al. (2016) Eastern Tethys refinements to Muller et al. (2016) AREPS model. Note that this model does not include GPML topology files, but only resolved plate topology exports.

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230 – 0 Ma Zahirovic, S., Matthews, K. J., Flament, N., Müller, R. D., Hill, K. C., Seton, M., and Gurnis, M., 2016, Tectonic evolution and deep mantle structure of the eastern Tethys since the latest Jurassic. Earth Science Reviews, v. 162, p. 293-337."
Müller et al. (2016) Late Triassic to present-day global model (Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences).

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230 – 0 Ma Müller, R.D., Seton, M., Zahirovic, S., Williams, S.E., Matthews, K.J., Wright, N.M., Shephard, G.E., Maloney, K.T., Barnett-Moore, N., Hosseinpour, M., Bower, D.J., Cannon, J., 2016, Ocean basin evolution and global-scale plate reorganization events since Pangea breakup: Annual Reviews of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Vol 44, 107-138".
Zahirovic et al. (2014) and Gibbons et al. (2015) Southeast Asia and Tethyan refinements that incorporate modifications for the circum-
Arctic (Shephard et al., 2013).

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200 – 0 Ma Zahirovic, S., Seton, M., and Müller, R., 2014, The Cretaceous and Cenozoic tectonic evolution of Southeast Asia: Solid Earth (EGU), v. 5, p. 227-273.

Gibbons, A., Zahirovic, S., Müller, R., Whittaker, J., and Yatheesh, V., 2015, A tectonic model reconciling evidence for the collisions between India, Eurasia and intra-oceanic arcs of the central-eastern Tethys: Gondwana Research FOCUS."
Shephard et al. (2013) Circum-Arctic refinements of the Seton et al. (2012) model.

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200 – 0 Ma Shephard, G. E., Müller, R. D., and Seton, M., 2013, The tectonic evolution of the Arctic since Pangea breakup: Integrating constraints from surface geology and geophysics with mantle structure: Earth-Science Reviews, v. 124, p. 148-183."
Seton et al. (2012) Post-Pangea model from Earth-Science Reviews.

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200 – 0 Ma Seton, M., Müller, R., Zahirovic, S., Gaina, C., Torsvik, T., Shephard, G., Talsma, A., Gurnis, M., Turner, M., Maus, S., and Chandler, M., 2012, Global continental and ocean basin reconstructions since 200 Ma: Earth-Science Reviews, v. 113, no. 3-4, p. 212-270."
Shephard et al. (2012) Global models with alternative absolute reference frames.

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140 – 0 Ma Shephard, G. E., Bunge, H. P., Schuberth, B. S. A., Müller, R., Talsma, A., Moder, C., and Landgrebe, T., 2012, Testing absolute plate reference frames and the implications for the generation of geodynamic mantle heterogeneity structure: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 317, p. 204-217.
Gurnis et al. (2012) First plate motion model using the GPlates continuously closing plate polygon algorithm.

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140 – 0 Ma Gurnis, M., Turner, M., Zahirovic, S., DiCaprio, L., Spasojevic, S., Müller, R., Boyden, J., Seton, M., Manea, V., and Bower, D., 2012, Plate Tectonic Reconstructions with Continuously Closing Plates: Computers & Geosciences, v. 38, no. 1, p. 35-42.

Li et al. (2008) Rodinia model from Precambrian Research.

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1100 – 530 Ma Li, Z.X., Collins, A.S., Davidson, A., De Waele, B., Ernst, R.E., Fitzsimons, I.C.W., Fuck, R.A., Gladkochub, D.P., Jacobs, J., Karlstrom, K.E., Lu, S., Natapov, L.M., Pease, V., Thrane, K., and Vernikovsky, V., 2008, Assembly, configuration, and break-up history of Rodinia: A synthesis: Precambrian Research v. 160, p. 179–210."

Scotese (2016) PALEOMAP reconstructions.

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1100 – 0 Ma Scotese, C.R., 2016. PALEOMAP PaleoAtlas for GPlates and the PaleoData Plotter Program, PALEOMAP Project