GitHub Constellation event: University-wide GitHub code repository

The University of Sydney has committed to transformational investments in our research infrastructure resulting in a rapidly increasing demand for new and innovative software to capture, create, and analyse data. We have partnered with GitHub to build a site-wide code repository for all researchers and students, and to leverage to deliver on the University’s and GitHub’s joint commitment to open data and open source software. In this talk, we explore a case study on Earthbyte which is a collaborative geoscience group with the aim of geodata synthesis through space and time in the form of a four-dimensional Earth model. The virtual Earth software GPlates was developed as an interoperable component of the AuScope national infrastructure, and the GPlates Web Portal enables interactive visualisation of published research data and services to reconstruct data back through geological time.

The University of Sydney presented at the GitHub Constellation event in Sydney to introduce the new university-wide GitHub code repository and to showcase collaborative research and software development in the Earthbyte group as a practical application, presented by John Cannon, lead developer of the GPlates software.