2018 Ph.D. Projects Available

Interested in cutting-edge geo- and data-science? This Ph.D. project will connect the Basin GENESIS Hub approaches and objectives of modeling basin evolution, with the statistical and data science advancements made by the Centre for Translational Data Science. See the link below for more information. Ph.D. opportunity in data science with application to geoscience and solid Earth evolution: http://sydney.edu.au/resea…/opportunities/opportunities/2254  

EarthByte Honours and Masters Projects 2018

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EarthByte has now released a list of Honours/Masters projects to be offered in 2018. These projects are outlined below. Project Title Supervisor(s) Dynamic Earth models, landscape dynamics and basin evolution in Australasia Dietmar Müller, Sabin Zahirovic, Tristan Salles, Rohit Chandra, Sally Cripps (Centre for Translational Data Science) Incorporating modern plate tectonic reconstructions into box models of the deep-time deep-Earth … Read more…

PhD scholarship in Plate Tectonics/ Geodynamics/ Morphodynamics

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Applications are invited for a PhD scholarship in Plate Tectonics/ Geodynamics/ Morphodynamics working with members of the Basin Genesis Hub (an ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub) within the EarthByte Group at the School of Geosciences, The University of Sydney. Click here to learn more about the scholarship