The EarthByte Group was established within the School of Geosciences in 2002. Since then, the group has expanded to include 10 full-time academic staff members, 2 full-time software developers and administration support staff member. There are currently 14 postgraduate students and 6 honours students. A number of undergraduates also work as research assistants with the group.

The team is led by Prof Dietmar Müller and Associate Prof Patrice Rey. The EarthByte group has a strong collaborative research base, both nationally and internationally. Research collaborations include over 30 researchers from Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America, and two overseas software developers.


Group Coordinators

Academic Staff

Sydney Informatics Hub Collaborators

PhD/Masters Candidates

Honours and Graduate Diploma Students 2017

Past Honours Students

Summer Scholarship Students 2017

Research Assistants

Visiting Scientists

Name Email
A/Prof Kirsten Nicolaysen Whitman College

Past Visiting Scientists

Name Email
Dr Eline Le Breton Free University of Berlin

Visiting Overseas Students

Past Visiting Overseas Students

Name Organisation
Xianzhi Cao Ocean University of China
Megan Korchinski University of Minnesota
Qiuge Wang China University of Geoscience
Yongliang "Leo" Bai China University of Petroleum
Shan Yu Ocean University of China

Software Developers

 Past EarthByte Technical and Academic Staff

Name Email
Ian Howson
Dr Rakib Hassan Geoscience Australia


 Australian Collaborators

Name Organisation
Dr Juan-Carlos Afonso Macquarie University
Dr Nathaniel Butterworth Astronomy Section - Ayers Rock Resort
Prof Mike Coffin University of Tasmania
Prof Alan Collins University of Adelaide
Dr Karol Czarnota Geoscience Australia
Dr Rhodri Davies Australian National University
Prof Chris Elders Curtin University
Dr Des Fitzgerald Intrepid Geophysics
Dr Nicolas Flament University of Wollongong
Dr Alexey Goncharov Geoscience Australia
Dr Stephen Hardy Data61/CSIRO
Dr Rakib Hassan Geoscience Australia
Dr Kevin Hill Oil Search
Dr Andy Hogg Australian National University
Dr Maral Hosseinpour The University of Sydney
Dr Thomas Landgrebe Image Processing and Vision Systems
Dr Kayla Maloney The University of Sydney
Prof Louis Moresi The University of Melbourne
Dr Simon O'Callaghan Data61/CSIRO
Dr Tim Rawling The University of Melbourne
Dr Paul Spence University of New South Wales
Dr Daniel Steinberg Data61/CSIRO
Dr Joanne Whittaker University of Tasmania

Overseas Collaborators

Name Orgnaisation
Nicholas Barnett-Moore Univ. of Toulouse
Dr Dan Bower ETH Zurich
Dr Sascha Brune GFZ Potsdam
Prof Nicolas Coltice Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon
Dr John Conolly EGI Utah
Prof Catherine Constable Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Dr Lydia DiCaprio University of Calgary
Dr Guillaume Duclaux University of Bergen
Prof Simon George Macquarie University
Dr Ana Gibbons Statoil
Dr Karsten Gohl Alfred Wegener Institute
Prof Mike Gurnis Caltech
Prof Vicki Hansen University of Minnesota
Dr Christian Heine Shell
Prof Kaj Hoernle GEOMAR
Prof Matthew Huber University of New Hampshire
Prof Raymond Levy EGI Utah
Dr Lijun Liu University of Illinois
Claire Mallard Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon
Dr Kara Matthews The University Oxford
Don Medwedeff Chevron
Peter Lovely Chevron
Dr John O'Connor VU University Amsterdam
Prof Pascal Philippot IPG Paris
Dr Walter Roest Ifremer
Prof David Sandwell Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Prof Li Sanzhong Ocean University of China
Assoc Prof Howie Scher University of South Carolina
Dr Grace Shephard University of Oslo
Dr Jakob Skogseid Statoil
Prof Paul Tackley ETH Zurich
Prof Christian Teyssier University of Minnesota
Dr Yatheesh Vadakkeyakath National Institute of Oceanography
Prof Paul Wessel University of Hawaii
Prof Donna Whitney University of Minnesota
Dr Shiguo Wu Chinese Academy of Sciences