Surface Processes Modelling Workshop

Badlands imageThe EarthByte Group will conduct a 2 days workshop on surface processes modelling on the 13th and 14th of October in the Madsen Building at the School of Geoscience, The University of Sydney, Australia.

The workshop aims to introduce those interested in landscape evolution and source to sink problems to a new open-source code: Badlands. Note that you do not have to be a seasoned modeller to participate. Geomorphologists, tectonicists and sedimentologists interested in testing conceptual models based on field observations are welcome!Read more…


Data Processing and Plotting Using 
Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) Course

GMT Course Image 2016

GMT Course Image 2016Course Overview
This course is designed to introduce students to different types of spatial data, data processing and interpolation functions and data plotting using GMT (Generic Mapping Tools). GMT is a set of public domain tools that will be used in conjunction with UNIX general processing tools (awk, grep) and basic shell programming. The examples presented in the course will focus on marine geophysical data, however many of the principles are applicable to other scientific data.

The learning outcomes for the course include:  … Read more…


EarthByte participates in Gondwana Map Project workshop in Rio de Janeiro

Nicholas Barnett-Moore with the Gondwana Map Project team in Rio de Janeiro

Nicholas Barnett-Moore speaking at the Gondwana Map Project workshop in Rio de JaneiroRecently the EarthByte group was invited to participate in the two-week long ‘Rio Gondwana Workshop’, in Rio de Janeiro (22nd June – 3rd July), that focused on the development of a new Gondwana geology map. This is part of the IGCP Project 628 – The Gondwana Map Project. The collaborators involved in this project were very interested in incorporating GPlates into their workflow for developing the Gondwana geological map.

PhD candidate Nicholas Barnett-Moore represented the EarthByte Group. He participated in a week-long discussion on the efforts and new thinking required to develop a new geological map(s) of Gondwana. … Read more…


Specialised short courses available in April 2015

Coming up in April 2015 we will be running our annual short courses for Honours students and post graduate geoscientists. These courses offer students a unique opportunity to engage in specialised studies aimed at introducing them to some of the powerful computational tools used today in leading-edge research of Geoscience. Below are links to the appropriate information if you wish to enrol:  … Read more…


Talented Student Program 2013

TSP Showcase 2013 Mod Group PhotoSemester 1 2013, University of Sydney – Australia

Theme: The magic and utility of the invisible world

Geo-theme: Windows into the deep Earth

In semester 1 2013 the EarthByte Group hosted a team of students from the Talented Student Program (TSP), targeted at the top performing first year students in the Faculty of Science at the University of Sydney. The students investigated windows into the deep Earth, that is, they unravelled the effect of ridge subduction events on mantle structure. … Read more…