Basin Genesis Hub completed

The Basin Genesis Hub (BGH), completed in mid-2021, was an ARC and industry-supported research centre for developing technologies to better understand basin geodynamics and the evolution of sedimentary systems. Most of Australia is covered by sedimentary basins and there are nearly a thousand basins worldwide. Many of the resources that are essential for life and our very own existence are found in these basins. They host groundwater and energy resources and they provide structures for carbon disposal. Sedimentary basins today are a consequence of processes operating over geological time. To unravel their evolution, we created virtual worlds that reconstruct Earth’s geography, help understand how deep Earth evolution interacts with the surface and follow the path of sediments from mountains to oceans. Our software technologies look at the Earth in new ways and are all freely available on the internet, including Underworld, Badlands,  GPlates, and many related workflows and extensions – explore the software links here.

The video below showcases the large variety of applications and outcomes of the BGH.  We hope that the the online BGH atlas will be extended in the future to host additional basin models.