Herold et al. 2008 Mid Miocene topographic/bathymetric dataset


Herold, N., Seton, M., Muller, R.D., You, Y. and Huber, M. (2008). Middle Miocene tectonic boundary conditions for use in climate models. Geochemisty Geophysics Geosystems, 9, Q10009. doi:10.1029/2008GC002046.


Utilizing general circulation models (GCMs) for paleoclimate study requires the construction of appropriate model boundary conditions. We present a middle Miocene paleotopographic and paleobathymetric reconstruction geographically constrained at 15 Ma for use in GCMs. Paleotopography and paleogeography are reconstructed using a published global plate rotation model and published geological data. Paleobathymetry is reconstructed through application of an age-depth relationship to a middle Miocene global digital isochron map, followed by the overlay of reconstructed sediment thickness and large igneous provinces. Adjustments are subsequently made to ensure our reconstruction may be utilized in GCMs.


Middle Miocene tectonic boundary conditions for use in climate models – pdf

Miocene topographic/bathymetric dataset – zip

The dataset contains:

From Herold et al. (2008): 2×2 degree – grd filexyz fileimage – with model adjustments