GPlates 1.4 now available to download

GPlates Vector LogoGPlates Version 1.4 has been released! This latest update of GPlates brings added functionality for the export of both numerical floating point-data and colour reconstructed rasters, for a user specified region and resolution. There is also greater flexibility for raster file import, with ERMapper, Erdas Imagine and GeoTIFF files now supported and geo-referencing is retained from source files. A new ‘Move Pole’ canvas tool has been introduced that permits modification of reconstruction poles by dragging, or entering coordinates.

Other features added in 1.4:

  • Velocity smoothing at plate boundaries
  • Spreading asymmetry supported for mid-ocean ridges
  • More accurate half-stage rotation at mid-ocean ridges
  • Preview functionality for volume visualisation 3D scalar fields

Download GPlates 1.4

Updated tutorials to make the most of GPlates’ new features can be found on the GPlates website

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