Two New Sloan Foundation Grants for Deep Carbon Science

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation recently announced two new Officer’s Grants for deep carbon science, supporting important community building and modeling efforts. These new projects will invigorate a community of scientists committed to understanding the evolution of deep carbon through deep time through 2019 and beyond.

“Carbon Down Under: Galvanizing Australia’s research community for the next decade of deep-time Earth modeling and visualization of deep carbon science” will empower emerging leaders in the Australian research community. The project PI, Sabin Zahirovic, has been part of the DCO Science Network for several years, and is a key collaborator in the modeling and visualization forum. Along with Dietmar Müller and their colleagues at the University of Sydney, Australia, Zahirovic has pioneered the use of GPlates, modeling the tectonic drivers of deep carbon through deep time with publicly-accessible and user-friendly tectonic reconstructions over the last one billion years of Earth history.

The new grant will fund a two-day workshop in mid-2019 that will showcase DCO advances in research and technology since 2009, and stimulate future deep carbon research and collaboration across the Australian research community. New community data, models and workflows will be constructed and adapted to enable knowledge discovery in a ‘big data’ framework. The workshop will be followed by an optional field trip to key geological sites along the coast south of Sydney.

An example of the GPlates interface. Credit: Sabin Zahirovic

For more information, read here.