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USyd Undergraduate Courses Geos1003 Introduction to Geology Geos2111 Natural Hazards: a GIS Approach Geos2114 Volcanoes, Hot Rocks and Minerals Geos2115 Oceans, Coasts & Climate Change Geos2124 Fossils & Tectonics Geos3101 Earth’s Structure and Evolution Geos 3103 Environmental and Sedimentary Geology Geos3104 Geophysical Methods Geos3008 Field Geology and Geophysics USyd Honours Courses Numerical Modelling Using Ellipsis … Read more…

Evolution of stress and fault patterns in oblique rift systems: 3D numerical lithospheric-scale experiments from rift to breakup

Rifting involves complex normal fault systems that are controlled by extension direction, reactivation of pre-rift structures, sedimentation, and dyke dynamics. The relative impact of these factors on the observed fault pattern, however, is difficult to deduce from field-based studies alone.

This study provides insight in crustal stress patterns and fault orientations by employing a laterally homogeneous, 3D rift setup with constant extension velocity. The presented numerical forward experiments cover the whole spectrum of oblique extension. They are conducted using an elasto-visco-plastic finite element model and involve crustal and mantle layers accounting for self-consistent necking of the lithosphere. … Read more…


Rift migration explains continental margin asymmetry and crustal hyper-extension

Rift MigrationWhen continents break apart, continental crust and lithosphere are thinned until break-up is achieved and an oceanic basin is formed. The most remarkable and least understood structures associated with this process are up to 200 km wide areas of hyper-extended continental crust, which are partitioned between conjugate margins with pronounced asymmetry. Here we show, using high-resolution thermo-mechanical modelling, that hyper-extended crust and margin asymmetry are produced by steady state rift migration. … Read more…


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