Earth's climate throughout the Phanerozoic

Eocene topo bathProject Summary
EarthByte is involved in a series of projects aimed at understanding and modeling Earth’s climate throughout the Phanerozoic. Some of these projects include:

  • Future Fellowship of Maria Seton on “Oceanic gateways: a primary control on global climate change?”
  • Basin GENESIS Hub activities, related to the effect of the mantle, crustal deformation, erosion and sedimentary processes on sedimentary basins
  • ATOM – a coupled atmospheric-ocean circulation code jointly developed by Prof. Roger Grundmann and EarthByte.

EarthByte’s expertise in tectonics, geodynamics and surface process modeling is enhanced by close collaborations with leading palaeoclimate modellers and geochemical oceanographers. 

Project Participants
Dr Maria Seton
Prof Dietmar Muller
Dr Tristan Salles
Dr Simon Williams
Dr Adriana Dutkiewicz
Nicky Wright
Rakib Hassan

National and International Collaborators
Matthew Huber
Howie Scher
Willem Sjip
Roger Grundmann
Dr Nicholas Herold
Dr Jo Whittaker

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