GPlates 2.5 released

GPlates 2.5 released

Download GPlates 2.5:-

Download GPlates 2.5 and compatible geodata from the Download page.

What’s new in GPlates 2.5:-

This release finally has subduction zone teeth (pointing to the overriding plate)!
  • Subduction zone teeth in 3D globe and 2D map views.
  • Topological boundaries coloured by individual boundary line segments.
  • Instead of each boundary polygon having its own colour.
  • Eg, subduction zones coloured differently than mid-ocean ridges.
  • Topology line width multiplier (under “Tools > Configure Geometry Rendering”).
    • So topologies can be thicker than non-topologies.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for show/hide geometry types (see “View > Geometry Visibility”).

See the full changelog here.