Quirks and Quarks: EarthByte on Canadian National Radio with a story on Earth, Mars and ocean mixing

Mars has more influence on Earth than non-astrologers might have thought. Mars is, on average, about 225 million kilometres from Earth, which would suggest that it has little impact on our planet. Which is true, but as they say, a little goes a long way. In our recent paper in Nature Communications, we studied the history of deep ocean currents and found a surprising 2.4 million-year cycle where giant whirlpools form in the deep ocean, linked to cycles in the interactions of Mars and Earth orbiting the Sun.

Listen to the ~8 min podcast here:

This composite image of Earth and Mars shows the planets much closer than their actual distance of 225 million kilometres apart. Our research shows that even at that distance, Mars has an effect on the currents in the deep ocean of our planet. (JPL/NASA)