Download GPlates 2.3

Welcome to the download page for GPlates 2.3.

Information about this release may be found on the News page of the GPlates website.

This page contains the following sections:

Download file descriptions

There are 12 download files consisting of:

  • Binary installers to install GPlates on Windows, macOS and Ubuntu.
  • Source code to compile GPlates.
  • GPlates-compatible geodata.

GPlates binary installers

The binary installers include GPlates and the GPlates-compatible geodata.

For Windows:

  • gplates_2.3.0_win64.exe
    • Installs a 64-bit version of GPlates on a 64-bit version of Windows.
    • Simply double-click to install.
      • If a window pops up saying “Windows protected your PC”
      • then click “More info” and “Run anyway”.
    • The geodata is installed to C:\Program Files\GPlates\GPlates 2.3.0\GeoData
    • Contains a 64-bit version of GPlates for use on a 64-bit version of Windows.
    • Simply extract to any directory.
    • The geodata can be found in the GeoData sub-directory of extracted location.

For macOS:

  • gplates_2.3.0_Darwin-x86_64.dmg
    • Installs a 64-bit version of GPlates on High Sierra (10.13) or above.
    • To install, simply:
      • double-click on the .dmg file (to open the disk image in Finder) and
      • drag the GPlates_2.3.0 folder into your Applications folder.
    • The GPlates_2.3.0 folder contains GPlates, and the geodata (in a GeoData sub-folder).

For Ubuntu:

  • gplates_2.3.0_ubuntu-...-amd64.deb
    • Packages for 64-bit Bionic (18.04 LTS), Focal (20.04 LTS), Groovy (20.10), Hirsute (21.04), Impish (21.10), Jammy (22.04), Kinetic (22.10) and Lunar (23.04).
    • To install, simply:
      • download the appropriate package for your system and double-click.
    • Note: To run GPlates on Lunar (23.04) you’ll need to:
      • either start GPlates from the Terminal using QT_QPA_PLATFORM=xcb gplates or disable Wayland.
      • for more details please see this forum post.
    • The geodata will be installed to /usr/share/gplates/GeoData/.
    • Note: If you are using a different Linux distribution please use the source code package instead.

GPlates source code

The source code is available in (for Windows) and gplates_2.3.0_src.tar.bz2 (for Linux and macOS).

Instructions on how to compile GPlates from source may be found in the following files (in the source code):

  • DEPS.Linux and BUILD.Linux (on Linux)
  • DEPS.OSX and BUILD.OSX (on macOS)
  • DEPS.Windows and BUILD.Windows (on Windows)

GPlates 2.3 compiles and runs on Linux, macOS, Windows.

GPlates source code and binaries are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

GPlates geodata

GPlates-compatible geodata is included in the binary installers, and will be automatically installed with GPlates.

The geodata is also available in This may be useful when compiling GPlates from source (since the source code does not include geodata).

Information about the geodata in this release may be found at GPlates 2.3 software and data sets

Download file links

To download, please:

  • Select one or more download files,
  • enter your name and email address and where you use GPlates,
  • click the Get download link(s) button.

Then your download links should appear at the bottom of this page. Note that these links do not expire.

User information

The GPlates platform is largely funded by the NCRIS program and provision of the user information improves our chances of being able to continue to develop and support the software in the future. However you can choose to download anonymously (by leaving the name/email fields empty) and not receive communications (such as updates/fixes to the GPlates models/data).

If you are in China and cannot get the download link(s) below, you can download the files from this Cloud storage service inside China

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