EarthByte Seminar Series: Guo Dongshan

Join us for a fascinating talk with Guo Dongshan from Zhejiang University. In this EarthByte Seminar Series event, Guo will talk about 1.2-Myr Obliquity Amplitude Modulated the Growth Process of Crusts: Evidence From the Time-Series Analysis of the Crust from CB Seamoun.

Seminar Details:

1.2-Myr Obliquity Amplitude Modulated the Growth Process of Crust: Evidence From the Time-series Analysis of the Crust from CB Seamount

Oceanic ferromanganese crusts serve as high-density archives for paleoenvironmental climate changes, yet it remains unclear how the astronomical cycles and climate changes modulate the growth of crust, mainly due to the challenge of establishing a long-scale high-resolution age framework. To address this issue, a cyclostratigraphic analysis was conducted using gray-scale data of the CB14 crust sample located in the low latitude Northwest Pacific as a paleoclimate proxy. With the corroboration of 10Be/9Be and 230Thex/232Th dating results, a reliable 405-Kyr scale astronomical age framework was established, spanning approximately 10 Myr. Further analysis and application of the DYNOT noise model based on this age framework first confirmed that the 1.2 Myr obliquity cycles influence the waxing and waning of high-latitude ice sheets on a long timescale, which then drives the growth process of the CB14 crust via deep water masses.