EarthByte Seminar Series: A/Prof Fabio A. Capitanio

Join us for an enlightening seminar with A/Prof Fabio A. Capitanio from  Monash University. In this EarthByte Seminar Series event, Fabio will lead us on a captivating journey through the complex dynamics of convergent margins. He will uncover his latest research and insights into seismic forces, plate interactions, and the paradigm of subduction.

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Seminar Details:

High-energy seismicity along convergent margins: Blending computational approaches with Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Understanding the controls on mega-earthquakes along subduction zones remains an open challenge and an exceptional hazard for the whole community. The occurrence of earthquakes is well reconciled in the paradigm of subduction, however the complex interactions of a set of unconstrained plate interface state-variables and the force-balance of plate tectonics prevent a firm understanding of how these processes interact across scales. I will discuss challenges and approaches and present the results of different analyses using computational simulations of the large-scale dynamics of a seismogenic region, semi-analytical approaches to stress computations and a combined machine learning – physics approach. Our preliminary results critically reassess the paradigm of subduction and seismicity at convergent margins, showing how our blended approach reveals unpredicted aspects of the force balance controlling the stresses driving major earthquakes.