EarthByte Seminar Series: Prof. Dietmar Müller

Explore Earth’s Deep Carbon Cycle with Prof. Dietmar Müller’s Tectono-Thermodynamic Modelling! In this EarthByte Seminar Series event, Dietmar talks about the “tectonic carbon conveyor belt,” its role in emitting, storing, and releasing carbon, and its impact on Earth’s climate through the ages.

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Seminar Details:

Tectono-thermodynamic modelling sheds new light on the deep-time carbon cycle

The deep carbon cycle is fundamental to our understanding of Earth evolution. It operates via a “tectonic carbon conveyor belt”, emitting carbon at mid-ocean ridges, storing carbon in the oceanic mantle lithosphere, crust and sediments, and releasing carbon into the atmosphere along volcanic arcs. Geological proxies alone are insufficient to constrain these solid Earth carbon fluxes. We have developed a new “tectono-thermodynamic modelling” approach to understand the flux of carbon into and out of this conveyor belt. It provides new insights into the origin of hothouse and ice-house climates as well as shedding light on the origin of subduction-related diamond-bearing kimberlite deposits.