EarthByte participates in Gondwana Map Project workshop in Rio de Janeiro

Nicholas Barnett-Moore speaking at the Gondwana Map Project workshop in Rio de JaneiroRecently the EarthByte group was invited to participate in the two-week long ‘Rio Gondwana Workshop’, in Rio de Janeiro (22nd June – 3rd July), that focused on the development of a new Gondwana geology map. This is part of the IGCP Project 628 – The Gondwana Map Project. The collaborators involved in this project were very interested in incorporating GPlates into their workflow for developing the Gondwana geological map.

PhD candidate Nicholas Barnett-Moore represented the EarthByte Group. He participated in a week-long discussion on the efforts and new thinking required to develop a new geological map(s) of Gondwana. He also taught a GPlates intensive course during the second week, taking the major collaborators from numerous institutions across the world involved in this project, through a step-by-step guide to understanding the functionality of GPlates.