EarthByte Seminar Series: Dr. Dan Sandiford

Join us for an enlightening session with Dan Sandiford from The University of Sydney, where he will explore the dynamic world of mantle and lithosphere dynamics, with a particular emphasis on understanding stress and deformation patterns within slabs.

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Seminar Details:

Wiggly Snakes and Slab Earthquakes..

Subduction modelling has provided a broad range of insights into the dynamics of the mantle and lithosphere. My primary focus has been to try to use these models to better understand the stress and deformation patterns within slabs, and how these might help to interpret the enigmatic and contested phenomena of intraslab seismicity. I’ll also talk about the nature of slab plate coupling, and the role of GPE. Finally, I’ll discuss some recent work on the evolution of Pacific plate motion in the Cenozoic.


Dan is an Earth Scientist specialising in geodynamics: geo (as in the rocky Earth); dynamics (as in why stuff moves). His research endeavours to link computational models of the earth with the insights from earthquake data (the rocks deforming beneath our feet). He is currently a Research Fellow at the University of Sydney, working on the Model Atlas of the Earth (M@TE). This AuScope-funded project curates and distributes numerical simulations to increase re-usability and educational potential. He has previously worked at the University of Tasmania, the GFZ in Potsdam, and Monash University.