Summer Projects 2017/2018

Available Summer Scholarships

Applications from 2nd or 3rd year University of Sydney students studying geoscience are invited to apply for summer scholarship positions with EarthByte. These projects bring undergraduate students into active research projects, and provide valuable insight into the inner workings of dynamic teams working on real-world problems.

Research projects run for a duration of 4-6 weeks over the Summer holiday period (November – early March).

Summer Project Information:

Linking paleoclimate to surface process modelling to understand Australian landscape evolution: Salles_pyATOM-pyBadlands summer project

Constraining the carbon reservoir in deep-sea sediments since the Cretaceous: Dutkiewicz Muller Summer Project 2017

The evolution of continental rifts during supercontinent breakup and dispersal: Muller_Zahirovic_GPlates deforming plates summer project_v2

Using fossils and plate tectonic reconstructions to detect deep-time climate change: SREI_SummerScholarship

More Information and How To Apply: