EByteCentral VPN to access; ICT blocks everything from Internet)

central.earthbyte.org (dig central.earthbyte.org)

Send an email to Michael Chin to create an account.

Location and Custodian:

Madsen building room 410, Sydney Uni, Michael Chin

How to connect

On Mac OS:

1.open Finder and click menu item “Go->Connect to Server”

2.type in smb://YourUserName:*@ and click “Connect”

3.type in your password and choose the folder you would like to mount

On Windows:

1.in Windows Explore, type in \\

2.type in your user name and password

On Ubuntu:

1.Open “Files” on left, choose “Connect to Server”.

2.For Server Address enter smb:// , then “Connect”.

3.type in your user name and password

Upload files:

The folder “incoming” is writable to everyone. You may upload your files into this folder. If you need to upload files to other folders, please contact Sabin, Maria, Dietmar or Michael Chin. If you need an account with “write” persimmon for the folders below, send email to Michael Chin.

Shared folders:(please add descriptions below)

BasinHub:  folder for BasinHub project

EarthByte: folder for EarthByte group (219G)

Geodata: various large datasets (1TB in total)

Projects: contain folders for various projects (448G)

SeismicData:some data  related to seismic research

Teaching: some teaching materials

incoming: You may upload files into this folder.

The most recent backup is at rcos-int.sydney.edu.au/rds/PRJ-BGH/mchin/eb_central_backup.

Proceed with caution. If you are unsure about something, send an email to Michael Chin.

The public ip address has been bound to this Mac Mini’s MAC address and the current network socket in the wall. It means if you moved the computer to another location, the public ip address will not work. If you replace the Mac Mini with a new computer, the public ip address will not work.