EByteCentral NAS

IP address: (fast, need VPN)
QuickConnectID: earthbyte (slow, VPN is not needed)
Location and Custodian:
Madsen building room 410A, Sydney Uni, michael.chin@sydney.edu.au
Warning: Unless use QuickConnect, you need to be inside Sydney Uni network( or use VPN) to access the storage. Using QuickConnect can be MUCH SLOWER than using internal IP address directly.
Speed Stats:
scp with direct cable connection ~110mb/s
scp in LAN ~20mb/s
scp upload at my home ~2.5mb/s
scp download at my home ~10mb/s
If you need to backup/restore a large volume of data, you may use the USB port to connect the external storage to the NAS box. It is faster than network cable.

Create an account:

Contact michael.chin@sydney.edu.au to create an account. You will receive an email like the screenshot below. You know what to do.

How to connect:

SFTP protocol (recommended)

Use Cyberduck on macOS / WinSCP on Windows / FileZilla on Linux with SFTP protocol. This might be the fastest, safest and most reliable method.

scp command

  • scp -r pygplates-tutorials.git
  • scp zircon-database.zip

rsync command

rsync -azP plate-model-repo mchin@


sshfs -o allow_other,default_permissions mchin@ test-sshfs

Webdav protocol

In web browser, you need to point to a file. It will not list folder unless we install “WebDAV browser plugin”.

NFS protocol

For security reason, talk to Michael Chin if you would like to mount NFS.

showmount -a

mount -t nfs -o nfsvers=4.1,nosuid EarthByteNAS/

SMB (Server Message Block) protocol

The Server Message Block protocol (SMB protocol) is a client-server communication protocol used for sharing access to files, printers, serial ports and other resources on a network. It can also carry transaction protocols for interprocess communication. Over the years, SMB has been used primarily to connect Windows computers, although most other systems — such as Linux and macOS — also include client components for connecting to SMB resources. [ref]

Use Finder On Mac OS (SMB):

Warning: You may experience some odd problems while using macOS Finder with SMB, such as not accept correct password, shared folders not available for no reason, failure with connections, etc. These were my experiences over several years with macOS Finder. The macOS is notoriously bad with SMB.

If Finder does not accept correct username and password, try to add “WORKGROUP\” before your user name. In fact, sometimes you may add random simple text + “\” to make it work, such as “aa\mchin”… Great work, macOS developers!!!

1.open Finder and click menu item “Go->Connect to Server”

2.type in smb://YourUserName:*@ and click “Connect”. (contact Michael Chin to create an account)

3.type in your password and choose the folder you would like to mount.

You may login as Guest. The guest account has limited permissions.

On Windows (SMB):

1.in Windows Explore, type in \\

2.type in your user name and password

On Ubuntu (SMB):

1.Open “Files” on left, choose “Connect to Server”.

2.For “Server Address”, enter smb:// , then “Connect”.

3.type in your user name and password

Use QuickConnect to access the DSM from Internet (no VPN needed, much slower)

(contact Michael Chin to create an account.)


Use Synology Drive client (no VPN needed, much slower)


Admin accounts:

If you need a Admin account, you must have a smart phone and install “Synology Secure SignIn” app because I enforced 2FA for all Admin accounts.

Upload files:

Contact michael.chin@sydney.edu.au to create an account and setup “write permissions” to folders.

The folders in “Public->EByteCentralPublic”:(please add data descriptions below)

BasinHub:  folder for BasinHub project

EarthByte: folder for EarthByte group (219G)

Geodata: various large datasets (1TB in total)

Projects: contain folders for various projects (448G)

SeismicData:some data  related to seismic research

Teaching: some teaching materials

incoming: You may upload files into this folder.

The most recent backup of EByteCentral is at rcos-int.sydney.edu.au/rds/PRJ-BGH/mchin/eb_central_backup and rcos-int.sydney.edu.au/rds/PRJ-EBANDS.