We are very excited to announce the launch of the newly designed GPlates website. Visit the new website at After a few months of team work and dedication, we have made the new GPlates website more responsive and more mobile-friendly. As the development team of the GPlates open source project, our goal with this … Read more…

EByteCentral Location and Custodian: Madsen building room 410, Sydney Uni, Michael Chin How to connect On Mac OS: Finder and click menu item “Go->Connect to Server” 2.type in smb://YourUserName:*@ and click “Connect” 3.type in your password and choose the folder you would like to mount On Windows: Windows Explore, type in \\ … Read more…

Interactive virtual gravity globe, based on BGI’s global gravity grids by Bonvalot et al. (2012)

Ready for a fresh start in 2019, our web development guru Michael Chin has created a new interactive virtual gravity globe, based on BGI’s global gravity grids by Bonvalot et al. (2012). The virtual globe allows the user to visualise either Bouguer or isostatic gravity anomalies. The latter has both the effect of surface and … Read more…

EarthByte Honours and Masters Projects 2018

EarthByte globe icon

EarthByte has now released a list of Honours/Masters projects to be offered in 2018. These projects are outlined below. Project Title Supervisor(s) Dynamic Earth models, landscape dynamics and basin evolution in Australasia Dietmar Müller, Sabin Zahirovic, Tristan Salles, Rohit Chandra, Sally Cripps (Centre for Translational Data Science) Incorporating modern plate tectonic reconstructions into box models of the deep-time deep-Earth … Read more…

GPlates Portal International Media Coverage

gravity_grid_180my_agoThe recent article on the GPlates Portal published in PLOS ONE by Prof Dietmar Müller, Xiaodong Qin, Prof David Sandwell, Dr Adriana Dutkiewicz, Dr Simon Williams, Dr Nicolas Flament, Dr Stefan Maus, and Dr Maria Seton, has received significant international media attention over the past week, featuring in articles from Australia, UK, US, India, and UAE!

See the list of online media below, and check out the interactive globes yourself!

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GPlates Portal receives a major facelift

GPlates Vector Logo

The GPlates Portal has received a major facelift, using state-of-the-art web design. The primary design principle of the new front page is to convey the most important information to users in an effective way. The new grid layout guarantees the presentation of information is always in a user readable format on the screen of any … Read more…

EarthByte has a new website!

Australia vgg NW view

Today we officially launch the new EarthByte website! The new site has dedicated ‘Global Plate Models’ and ‘GPlates’ pages (Resources) for quick and easy access to our published GPlates-compatible kinematic models, search bar functionality, a responsive layout that is compatible with handheld devices, detailed people pages, an ‘Outreach’ space, and news, awards, media and research … Read more…

New GPlates Portal available

GPlates Portal Figure

EarthByte have launched a new cloud-based GPlates Web Portal that was used by almost 40 000 users over the last long-weekend! It took GPlates software over ten years to get that many users, so this is a huge achievement and also makes GPlates accessible to a broader audience! The GPlates portal can be used to … Read more…

Opal exploration research recognised as outstanding highlight

Recent EarthByte research on opal exploration was recognised as an outstanding highlight and reflects the work of many of the group including, Andrew Merdith, Tom Landgrebe, Adriana Dutkiewicz and Patrice Rey. Congratulations to all of the contributors to the project and specifically to John Cannon and Michael Chin, the GPlates developers!

Michael Chin wins NeCTAR/ANDS #nadojo competition for GPlates

Congratulations to Michael Chin from the Earthbyte group on winning this year’s NeCTAR/ANDS #nadojo competition. Michael demonstrated a new web-enabled GPlates prototype on the NECTAR/ANDS eResearch computing infrastructure, porting some of the powerful plate reconstruction capabilities to the web. The new GPlates competed with several other candidates from universities and research institutes in Australia, and … Read more…

Geoscientific Instrumentation Methods and Data Systems – The GPlates geological information model and markup language

Qin, X., Müller, R. D., Cannon, J., Landgrebe, T. C. W., Heine, C., Watson, R. J., & Turner, M. (2012). The GPlates geological information model and markup language. Geosci. Instrum. Methods Data Syst. Discuss, 2, 365-428. doi:10.5194/gi-1-111-2012. Download the paper – pdf

6th eResearch Australia Conference – An open innovation platform for deep time spatio-temporal knowledge-discovery

Müller, R. D., Cannon, J., Landgrebe, T. C. W., & Qin, X. An open innovation platform for deep time spatio-temporal knowledge-discovery. In 6th eResearch Australasia Conference, Sydney (Vol. 28). 28 Oct-1 Nov 2012. Download the paper – pdf