Ellipsis Visual Editor screenshotEllipsis is a lagrangian particle-in-cell finite element modelling software tool with an associated graphical user interface (GUI). Ellipsis, along with its GUI and its associated documentation allow novice users to assemble 2D or 3D numerical experiment for lithospheric extension and/or compression over a convecting mantle or simply run a mantle convection experiment with or without continents in a relatively short time, including the scaling of relevant parameters. 


The below images show results of a coupled model with high angle fault weakness


Previous studies have suggested that the rheological and thermal profiles of the lithosphere play the most important role in rift mode determination. Modelling carried out here using Ellipsis illustrate that initial weaknesses could play a major role in rift mode determination, highlighting the need to make initial weaknesses a primary consideration when modelling the extensional deformation of the lithosphere.
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Posters and Presentations
Dyksterhuis, S., R. D. Müller, P. Rey. Ellipsis … Geodynamic Modelling for the Masses. Poster at the 2005 Fall AGU Meeting, San Fransisco. Download the poster – pdf