Granular physics in geosciences

Fig 2. Segregation Models (Courtesy of Itai Einav)
Fig 2. Segregation models

Prof Itai Einav, School of Civil Engineering.

Date & Time
Wednesday 14 October, 11 AM

Madsen Building, Level 3 – Room 336

During this seminar Prof Itai Einav will provide an overview for some of the research activities carried out in the Particles and Grains Laboratory (PGL) at the School of Civil Engineering in the area of granular physics. A focus will be to illustrate the wide applicability of our findings in geosciences, including applications in segregation, mixing and suspension processes controlling landslides and surface formation; melting, agglomeration, comminution and heat transfer mechanisms developed during meteorite impacts, earthquake dynamics, volcanoes, and landslides.