Resolution and Revelation – Strategies for imaging and exploring the Earth’s crust and near-surface

Assoc Prof Anya Reading, UTAS.

Date & Time
Tuesday 20 October, 11 AM

Madsen Building, Level 4 – Conference Room

Highlights of research in computational geophysics from the UTAS group in recent years are presented. In the quest for improved resolution of contrasts in structure in the Earth’s crust, the use of ambient seismic energy is outlined together with results from recent field experiments in southeast Australia. Moving up the frequency range, a novel ambient energy technique for characterising upper layers of cover for minerals targeting will also
be covered. 

In the second part of the presentation, Machine Learning approaches to revealing new knowledge in basement lithology and regolith are outlined. Included are new techniques for optimising machine learning outputs using spatial data, and also a case study that combines machine learning and geophysical inversion to extract maximum benefit from available information. The presentation concludes with some thoughts on the value of the interplay between applied and fundamental studies in computational geophysics.