RV Investigator voyage funded!

Congratulations to EarthByters Maria Seton (applicant) and Simon Williams, Jo Whittaker (Chief Scientist, UTas) and the rest of the team for their successful application for ship time on Australia’s national marine vessel, the RV Investigator! The 28 day voyage will set sail in August 2019 to investigate hotspot dynamics in the Coral Sea. One of the key aims is to explore whether the Louisiade Plateau, in the northeastern corner of the Australian plate, is the birthplace of Eastern Australian intraplate volcanism. At $140,000 a day in running costs this equates to an investment of over $3.9 million. The project is an international collaboration between the University of Sydney, University of Tasmania, James Cook University, University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow. Berths are available for students so if you are interested in hotspot dynamics and would like to experience life at sea, please email maria.seton@sydney.edu.au