EarthByte Group makes the finals of the Eureka Prize

The EarthByte group is a finalist for the Eureka Prize from the Australian Museum, for its development of GPlates software! The prize is awarded annually for research innovation and GPlates was nominated for providing a “experimental virtual planet” to investigate geological systems through deep time. You can read more about the Eureka Prize here. Watch the … Read more…

Plate reconstructions of Southeast Asia

This animation is from our recent work on Southeast Asian plate reconstructions.Read the peer-reviewed paperCitationZahirovic, S., M. Seton, and R. Müller (2014), The Cretaceous and Cenozoic tectonic evolution of Southeast Asia, Solid Earth (EGU), 5, 227-273. doi: 10.5194/se-5-227-2014.View similar animations on our EarthByte YouTube channel

Continental rifting in 3D using Underworld

This model shows the evolution of a continental rift from inception to breakup, using the Underworld numerical modelling framework. The left and right walls of the model are pulled apart from each other at a total rate of 2 cm/yr to induce rifting.Courtesy of Luke Mondy, EarthByte.View other EarthByte animations on our YouTube channel