Gondwana breakup and the Western Tethys (regional view)

By popular demand, Sabin Zahirovic provides a few more GPlates animations of the breakup of Pangea and Gondwana since 200 million years ago. This animation is in a hemispherical view and is based on the model of Seton et al. (2012). All the files needed to make this animation are in the GPlates SampleData folder, … Read more…

The Virtual Observatory: Deep time travel in the Pacific, presented by Dietmar Müller

Deep Time Travel — it’s not just science fiction! The EarthByte Group is developing an Experimental Virtual Planet to explore Earth’s geological evolution, enabling deep time travel from your own laptop, anywhere, anytime, and all without a police box. In this illustrated talk, Australian Laureate Fellow Professor Dietmar Müller reports on the experimental work of … Read more…

EarthByte Group makes the finals of the Eureka Prize

The EarthByte group is a finalist for the Eureka Prize from the Australian Museum, for its development of GPlates software! The prize is awarded annually for research innovation and GPlates was nominated for providing a “experimental virtual planet” to investigate geological systems through deep time. You can read more about the Eureka Prize here. Watch the … Read more…

Plate reconstructions of Southeast Asia

This animation is from our recent work on Southeast Asian plate reconstructions.Read the peer-reviewed paperCitationZahirovic, S., M. Seton, and R. Müller (2014), The Cretaceous and Cenozoic tectonic evolution of Southeast Asia, Solid Earth (EGU), 5, 227-273. doi: 10.5194/se-5-227-2014.View similar animations on our EarthByte YouTube channel

Continental rifting in 3D using Underworld

This model shows the evolution of a continental rift from inception to breakup, using the Underworld numerical modelling framework. The left and right walls of the model are pulled apart from each other at a total rate of 2 cm/yr to induce rifting.Courtesy of Luke Mondy, EarthByte.View other EarthByte animations on our YouTube channel