EarthByte seminar series: Sebastian Haan & Henry Lydecker

Join us 11am–12pm this Wednesday (2021-09-01) for this week’s installment of the EarthByte seminar series! This week’s speakers are Sebastian Haan and Henry Lydecker of the Sydney Informatics Hub at the University of Sydney.

DoEgen-Geo: A Python package for designing, running, and evaluating geophysical simulations.

Geophysical models are typically complex, non-linear simulations which are computationally very expensive and thus difficult for traditional sampling techniques to explore the entire parameter distribution. Here we present a Python implementation (DoEgen) that leverages statistical methods for efficient Design of Experiment (DoE) generation and evaluation, using only a fraction of parameter combinations. We demonstrate how to apply DoEgen to a simplified Basin and Landscape Dynamics (Badlands) simulation using a custom built pipeline package (DoEgen-Geo), which covers the entire workflow from generating simulation parameters to producing Badlands simulation results and model evaluation. While DoEgen-Geo has been built with a focus on optimising Badlands simulations, the software can be applied to a wide range of geophysical simulation and model explorations.

This seminar will be held online via Zoom at the following link: