EarthByte welcomes Matthew Merkas and Yiyan Wang

Welcome Matthew Merkas and Yiyan Wang to the EarthByte Group!

They will work with Maria Seton and Michael Chin on “GPlates In Schools” mobile app. The “GPlates-in-schools” program is funded by AuScope, comprising a GPlates app with integrated lesson plans, to provide an Earth Science-focused education engagement initiative.

Matthew is an app developer in the EarthByte Group, studying Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Software Development) and Bachelor of Science (Psychological Science) at the University of Sydney. He is currently working on the GPlates-in-Schools project, developing a mobile-friendly version of the plate tectonics program for classroom use. Matthew has two years of industry experience in web and mobile app development using popular frameworks such as Angular and React.

Yiyan Wang is an app developer in the Earthbyte Group. As a current Master of IT student in USYD and a past full-stack software engineer in Huawei Technology Inc., Yiyan Wang has excellent algorithms, design, and development knowledge. He built a strong experience in front-end tools and back-end tools to support application development and has established software design and maintenance skills. In addition, he also is good at network concepts and DDoS attack protection development. Recently, Yiyan Wang is doing research in cybersecurity and deep learning with Dr. Suranga Seneviratne. His topic aims to use powerful quantization techniques to efficiently train the deep neural network model and predict the user’s behavior.