EarthByte’s plate tectonic animation added to NOAA’s SOS database

An EarthByte plate tectonic animation has recently been added to NOAA’s Science on a Sphere database. NOAA produces large interactive 3D spherical projection systems that are installed at museums, universities, schools and other institutes across the world (see Science On a Sphere map locations). The EarthByte animation is from the recent Gibbons et al. (2015) publication describing the evolution of the now-subducted Tethyan ocean basin that once separated India and Eurasia (see A tectonic model reconciling evidence page).

The NOAA post featuring our animation has attracted almost 40,000 views in just 18 hours! This latest animation complements a number of other EarthByte datasets that have been incorporated into NOAA’s system, including the age-grid and isochron maps originally created by EarthByte’s Maria Seton.

The dataset is being kept on the NOAA site here