Welcome Back RV Investigator

Investigator__cruise_imagesWelcome back to the geoscience crew from the ECOSAT II voyage on the RV Investigator! After braving close to 10 meter high waves and over 50 knot winds on their approach into Hobart, the team made it back safely with an impressive haul of rocks, geophysical data and the experience of a lifetime. Over 900 kg of rock, which included 60 separate catalogued samples from 7 sites along the Fairway Ridge, were recovered. While we must await the results of rock analyses, the rocks should help us understand the continuity of Australian terranes into Zealandia, which will improve our geological map of the east Gondwana margin. Swath bathymetry profiles showcased a wide variety of seafloor fabric and structures, particularly when crossing over several plate boundaries!

There was plenty of science going on during the 14 day journey from Fiji, not just the geological sampling and geophysical. The multidisciplinary voyage team included scientists from CSIRO, UTS, NOAA and QUT, carrying out a range of projects to sample the physical and biological properties of the ocean, collect continuous atmospheric measurements, and deploy instruments for long-term oceanographic monitoring. A big thank you to all the scientists, crew, and support staff, both on the ship and providing support from on land, who all helped to make this such an enjoyable and successful voyage.

For anyone interested in the life of a marine geoscientist or the opportunity to be involved in a future research voyage, feel free to contact Maria Seton (maria.seton@sydney.edu.au) or Simon Williams (simon.williams@sydney.edu.au).