Grace Shephard invited to the 62nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

Congratulations to Grace Shephard for being selected to participate in the 62nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, which is dedicated to Physics this year. Only the 592 most qualified Young Researchers can be given the opportunity to enrich and share the unique atmosphere of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. Congratulations Grace! Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings website

Kara Matthews is awarded the Chris Powell Medal

Congratulations to Kara Matthews who has been awarded the prestigious Chris Powell Medal for Postgraduate Research in Tectonics and Structural Geology from the Geological Society of Australia. She was presented her medal at a meeting of the Specialist Group in Tectonics & Structural Geology in Waratah Bay, Victoria. Well done Kara! Download the paper – … Read more…

Students awarded PESA Tertiary Study Grants

Congratulations to PhD student Logan Yeo and honours student Allison Thomas who have both been awarded a PESA Tertiary Study Grant. Logan won the award for his PhD project on Integrating deep earth and surface processes for frontier basin exploration and Allison Thomas won hers for her Honours thesis on “Oil Migration in the Late Archaean Witwatersrand … Read more…

GPlates accepted by Softpedia

GPlates has been accepted by Softpedia which is a popular library of over 400,000 free and free-to-try software programs and is one of the top 500 websites (according to Alexa traffic rankings). Since GPlates’ acceptance yesterday (30th June) it has already been downloaded over 1,000 times according to Softpedia. This is significant considering that the … Read more…

Kayla Maloney awarded University of Sydney Postgraduate Research Prize

Congratulations to PhD student Kayla Maloney who has been awarded a University of Sydney Postgraduate Research Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement, based on her paper “Crustal growth during back-arc closure: Cretaceous exhumation history of Cordillera Darwin, southern Patagonia” in J. Metamorphic Petrology (Maloney et al., 2011). Well done Kayla!