EarthByte seminar series: Nick Mortimer

The next installment of the EarthByte seminar series will be held at 11am–12pm next Wednesday 5th October, featuring Nick Mortimer from GNS Science in New Zealand. The seminar will be held in the Madsen Building Rm 449 at the University of Sydney, and streamed live on Zoom at this link:

Further details on the talk are below:

The story of the Hikurangi Plateau

The Hikurangi Plateau is a Cretaceous Large Igneous Province (LIP) in the SW Pacific Ocean. In this talk I will summarise 35 years of geophysical and geological research on the Hikurangi Plateau, as a story of progressive discovery and investigation. The story will begin in the ‘plateau-free’ 1980s, include the 2002-03 Sonne-168 voyage, and conclude with a couple of aspects that I am still working on.