Congratulations to the new Australian Academy of Science Fellow Prof Dietmar Muller

Prof Dietmar Muller, EarthByter at the School of Geosciences, University of Sydney, was elected a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science for his work on charting the evolution of the Earth through deep time. He is a world-leading geophysicist whose research has transformed our understanding of the Earth’s evolution over the past 200 million years. Prof Muller has developed new capabilities for modelling tectonic, geodynamic, environmental and resource-formation processes.

See video of Dietmar Muller presenting the work of EarthByte to the AAS as a new fellow.


At this year’s Shine Dome event, an additional three Australian geophysicists were also honoured. Ross Griffiths, ANU, a fellow of the AAS, was honoured with the Jaeger medal for his work on global ocean convection. Juan-Carlos Afonso, Macquarie Univ., received the Anton Hales medal for his work towards a grand unified theory of the interior of the Earth and Jo Whittaker, expatriate EarthByter at IMAS at the University of Tasmania, was honoured with the Dorothy Hill award for her contributions to understanding the processes that sculpt the underwater landscapes of the ocean basins.