PyBacktrack 1.3 now available as a Python package and a Docker image.

PyBacktrack 1.3 is now available as a Python package and a Docker image.

The documentation is available at:

Changes since version 1.2:

  • Supports Python 3:
  • Added the following output columns:
    • dynamic_topography:
      • change in dynamic topography elevation since present day
    • decompacted_depth:
      • depth from fully decompacted layers (using surface porosity only)
      • as if no portion of any layer had ever been buried
    • decompacted_sediment_rate:
      • fully decompacted surface layer thickness divided by its deposition interval
  • Option to force continental subsidence model:
    • if well site is in age grid (oceanic crust) but known to be on continental crust.
  • Option to ignore total sediment thickness grid:
    • if well site is known to be drilled to basement.
  • Fixed missing last row of output:
    • when well depth exceeds total sediment thickness.
  • Fixed bug in syn-rift subsidence equation:
    • affected tectonic subsidence by less than 1%.