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Basin GENESIS hub - Sedimentary Basin Modelling Research Funded
Assoc. Professor Patrice Rey and Professor Dietmar Müller, have been awarded new research funding, of $5.4 million over five years from the Australian Research Council (ARC) and industry partners, for the Basin GENESIS Hub that will use computational modelling to understand the evolution of sedimentary basins. The project will harness big data sets and super-computer resources to model the interaction between earth's surface processes and deep Earth processes in 'five dimensions'.

The funding was announced by the Federal Minister for Education and is funded through the Industry Transformation Research Hub program the main partners are the University of Melbourne Geodynamics group, Curtin University's Petroleum Group, CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering, National ICT Australia (NICTA), Geoscience Australia, the California Institute of Technology, and five national and international industry partners.

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Sedimentary Basin model
Illustration of the use of modelling techniques to understand basin evolution, courtesy of Luke Mondy, PhD candidate

Published: 13 June, 2014

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