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EarthByte Media

EarthByte is involved in a variety of Events, including the organising and hosting of workshops and showcases at the University of Sydney and the involvement in international and national conferences. In addition, the EarthByte group achieves significant publicity related to their research and topical events in the Earth Sciences.

Publicity/Media 2014
The Big Data Launch featured in Tag newsletter of the Geological Society of Australia
Heine and Brune's 2014 paper on the Equatorial Atlantic a "Research Focus" - Geology
Heine and Brune show different Gondwana break-up could have changed the world - International Business Times
Heine and Brune 2014 paper on the University of Sydney Homepage
International media attention for Heine and Brune 2014 paper:
Una falla pudo desgajar Africa Occidental junto a America del Sur - El Economista
Noticia orientacion ruptura respecto direccion extension decidieron forma continente Africano - Europa Press
Tectonique des plaques : la Terre aurait pu tre trs diffŽrente - Le Journal de Science
Geophysik: Die unmšgliche Nase SŸdamerikas - Spiegel Online

Publicity/Media 2013
Gem of an Idea! GPlates opals research - The Australian, Nov 2013
GPlates, represented by Dietmar Muller nominated for The Australian Innovation Challenge - The Australian
Data Mining for Gold - Australia Unlimited Technology news
Morra et al.2013 paper an 'Editor's Choice' - Science Mag, Sept 2013
Dr Nico Flament gives expert comment on New USA margin study - Earth Magazine
Launch of the Big Data Knowledge Discovery Group at SIRCA
Stock market data mining leads the way for mining industry - Uni News
Seton et al. 2012 paper #16 in top 25 downloaded geology papers - Elsevier
Williams et al. India-Australia spread history paper chosen as a research highlight - EOS
Perfecting Paleogeographic Reconstructions - GEOLOG
Uni to Mine Data for Deposits - The Australian
Clues for Stressed Australian explorers - Energy News Premium.net
Australia's Opals revealed - China.org.cn
Data Mining: A new Frontier for Mineral Exploration - Australian Journal of Mining
India-Australia separation, Jo Whittaker receives Women in Science L'Oréal Fellowship
Jigsaw puzzle of tectonic plate patterns detailed - NBC News Science
Scientist unravels mystery of Coral Sea’s ghostly Sandy Island - Washington Post
Map reveals quality opal locations - The Ridge News
Ars Technica covers recent EoS paper on Sandy island
Data mining takes opal mining into the 21st century - Sydney University

Patrice's paper on opals
Patrice a 'Man of Mars and Opals'! - SMH, MyCareer
Red centre dried out to form opals - The Sydney Morning Herald
Uncovered- the truth about opal formation - Australian Geographic
Geological study explains mystery of Australian opal fields - Sci-News
Opal study reveals Martian link - The Ridge News
Red centre dried out to form opals - The Age
Opals only in Oz and maybe Mars - The Australian
Red earth 'key' to forming opals - Sky News
Red earth 'key' to forming opals - 9News
Opal research unlocks link between Australia's Red Centre and Mars - People's Daily Online
Answer to opal mystery shows Red Centre's links to Red Planet - Phys.org
Opals would make Martians feel at home in Australia: study - Mining.com

Publicity/Media 2012
New Map pinpoints Earthquake hotspots - ABC
Pieces of a Puzzle, Inspired by India University of Sydney World
Earthquake map may predict future disasters - Australian Geographic
Hot spots for world's more powerful earthquakes revealed - The University of Sydney
New map highlights hotspots for mega-quakes - AFP
Scientists pinpoint great-earthquake hot spots - EGU
Earthquake hot spots revealed - Science Alert
Ad Software Finds Quake Hotspots - Discovery News
New map highlights hotspots for mega-quake - The Australian
Hot spots for world’s powerful earthquakes identified - The Hindu Business Line
Hot spots for world’s powerful earthquakes identified - MSN News
Hot spots for world’s powerful earthquakes identified - Zeenews.com
World earthquake hotspots identified - News X
Researchers pinpoint earthquake hot spots - VancouverDesi
Researchers pinpoint earthquake hot spots - Hill Post
Researchers pinpoint earthquake hot spots - Yahoo! News
Hotspots for Huge Earthquakes Revealed - Yahoo! News
New map highlights hotspots for mega-quake - news.com.au
New map highlights hotspots for mega-quakes - Japan Today
Hot spots for world’s powerful earthquakes identified - Kashmir Reader
New map highlights hotspots for mega-quakes - Space Daily
New map highlights hotspots for mega-quake - 9News
New map pinpoints the world's biggest earthquake zones - News Hour 24
Hotspots der Erdbeben-Gefährdung identifiziert:
Kreuzung von Plattengrenze mit Bruchzone erhöht Anfälligkeit für verheerende Erdstöße - Scinexx

Was Erdbeben "gefaellt" - dradio.de
Forscher entwerfen neue Erdbebenkarte - DRadio Wissen
Méga séismes : les zones à haut risque identifiées par des chercheurs - MaxiSciences
Là où la terre tremble le plus - LePoint.fr
Pesquisadores identificam as zonas com maior risco de grandes tremores - G1
Pesquisadores identificam zonas da Terra com maior risco de sofrer grandes terremotos - UOL
Pesquisadores identificam as zonas com maior risco de sofrer grandes terremotos - Ultimo Segundo
Pesquisadores identificam as zonas com maior risco de sofrer grandes terremotos - em.com.br
I grandi terremoti avvengono lungo le 'cicatrici' della Terra - Scienza & Tecnica
I più potenti terremoti avvengono lungo le fratture della crosta oceanica - ecologia.guidone.it

Maria and her team's expedition to the Coral Sea:
Scientists discover Sandy Island doesn't exist - Channel 4
Scientists undiscover Pacific island - Sydney Morning Herald
Scientists discover Sandy Island doesn't exist - BBC
The island that vanished off the face of the earth - Daily Mail UK
The Pacific island that never was - Guardian UK November 22 (Video and full article)
The Pacific island that never was - Guardian UK November 23 (Video of interview with Sabin Zahirovic)
Undiscovering Sandy Island - TVNZ (Video of interview with Sabin Zahirovic)
Scientists on Southern Surveyor undiscover island which appears on Google Maps - news.com.au
Sandy Island in South Pacific 'does not exist' - The Telegraph
Where did it go? Scientists 'undiscover' Pacific island - The Age
Paradise lost: Google Earth island a mystery - The Australian
Sandy Island does exist - on a 1908 chart - the Register
Southern Surveyor docks in Brisbane
South Pacific Sandy Island 'proven not to exist' - DemocraticUnderground.com
Sandy Island ist ein Phantom - Spiegel Online
Rätselraten um australische Geisterinsel in Google Maps - T-Online
"Sandy Island" – Die Phantominsel vor Australien - Die Welt
Eventuell bewusst falsch eingetragen - ORF.at
Sandy Island, l'île qui n'existait pas - Libération
Sandy Island, l’île qui était nulle part et partout à la fois - France 24
Sandy Island et autres histoires d'îles fantômes - francetvinfo
La isla invisible de Sandy Island que aparece en todos los mapas - teinteresa.es
A Ilha Sandy fica perto da Austrália, mas não existe - Mundo P
Stillehavsøy sporløst forsvunnet - Bergens Tidende
Denne øya finnes på kart, men ikke i virkeligheten - Dagbladet.no
Grace Shephard selected for Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting- USyd News

Publicity/Media 2011
Indian Ocean cocktail party leaves trail of party hats behind - USyd Media
- Nature Geoscience
Christmas Recycling Nature Geoscience News and Views Article
Cum arata supercontinentul Gondwana? Fragmente din stravechiul continent au fost gasite pe fundul
Oeanului Indian - Portal radio lasi
Naučnici pronašli dijelove megakontinenta Gondvane - Dnevni avaz
Forscher entdecken Reste des alten Riesenkontinents Gondwana - derStandard.at
Forscher finden Mikrokontinente - Scienceticker.info
SYDNEY - Australie: des fragments du continent géant Gondwana au fond de l'océan - 20 minutes.fr
'Lost' continent Gondwana sheds light on formation of world today - The Telegraph
Sunken parts of Gondwana found off Australia - Cosmos magazine
Scientists find two 'sunken islands' off WA - part of Gondwana land link - Herald Sun
Huge Prehistoric Sunken Islands Found in Indian Ocean - Fox News
Sunken islands could cause tectonic shift in Gondwana story
Australia experiencing that sinking feeling – ABC Science
Slide back in time and see the Himalayas form – Stories of Australian Science
Mapping the seafloor from space – Stories of Australian Science
'One click to all of Earth's data' – ScienceAlert

Publicity/Media 2010
Amazon River shaped by see-saw tilting of South America
The Amazon - from wetland to river
Amazon River from tilting lands
New Discovery: Uplift of Andes 14 million Years Ago Created the Amazon River
GPlates 0.9.10 Features video released
Virtual 4D Geological Observatory – ABC News
Churning of Earth's molten interior behind sea level changes – The Hindu
Sea level changes feel heat from below – ABC Science
How ocean plateaus lifted up the Rocky Mountains – USyd Media
How Australia lost New Zealand? – ABC Online
How Australia lost New Zealand: computer model explains abyss between the two countries

Publicity/Media 2009
Spreading and Sealevel – Nature Geosciences
Australian Laureate Fellowship awarded to Professor Dietmar Müller
Scientists visit Coober Pedy to study Opal formation