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EarthByte Resources


Long-term interaction between mid-ocean ridges and mantle plumes


Evaluating global paleoshoreline models for the Cretaceous and Cenozoic

Absolute plate motions

Tectonic speed limits from plate tectonic reconstructions

Absolute plate motions

Absolute plate motions since 130 Ma constrained by subduction zone kinematics


A tectonic model for collisions between India, Eurasia and intra-oceanic arcs of the central-eastern Tethys

Reconstructed gravity grid

Software and data update: GPlates Version 1.5


New GPlates Portal

Sandwell 2014

New global marine gravity model, Sandwell et al.(2014)


Post-Jurassic tectonic evolution of Southeast Asia from Zahirovic et al. (2014)


The tectonic stress field evolution of India since the Oligocene


The breakup of East Gondwana: assimilating constraints from Cretaceous ocean basins around India into a best-fit tectonic model, Gibbons et al. (2013)


Seawater chemistry driven by supercontinental assembly Muller et al. (2013)


A Review on Dynamic Topography Flament et al. (2013)


Dynamic Subsidence of eastern Australia Matthews et al. (2011)


Refined plate tectonic model and tomography analysis for the circum-Arctic Shephard et al. (2013)

Global Sediment Thickness
Global Sediment Thickness map for the World's Ocean Basins, version 2 Whittaker et al. (2013)
Paleobiology and Paleogeography
Paleogeography and Paleobiology


From data mining to opal mining

Seton et al Plate Global Model

Global continental and ocean basin reconstructions since 200 Ma

Shephard et al Reference Frames

Dataset associated with the study by Shephard et al. (2012) on testing absolute plate reference frames and the implications for the generation of geodynamic mantle heterogeneity structure

Shephard et al Argentine Basin

Dataset associated with the study by Shephard et al. (2012) on the dynamic topography and anomalously negative residual depth of the Argentine Basin

Gibbons East Gondwana

Plate tectonic model from the study by Gibbons et al. (2012) on the breakup of East Gondwana


Plate motion models and results from the study by Zahirovic et al. (2012) on the India-Eurasia collision using linked kinematic and geodynamic models


Data associated with the Williams et al (2012) GSA Today article on using GPlates to reconstruct high resolution geological and geophysical data

Matthews Ocean Floor Fabric

Tectonic fabric traces of the ocean basins, from Matthews et al., J. Geophys. Res. (2011)


Full-fit, palinspastic reconstruction of the conjugate Australian-Antarctic margins, from Williams et al., Tectonics (2011)

Downward continued gravity

Downward-continued gravity grid. As published in Whittaker et al. (2008). Click to go to the website.


Roughness grids, as published in Whittaker et al. (2008). Click to go to the website.


Ellipsis models, from Dyksterhuis et al., The Geological Society of London Special Publication(2007)


AuScope Simulation and Modelling. Click image to download software, tutorials and use cases.

Mollweide 40Ma

EarthByte Plate Model which includes global coastlines, seafloor-spreading isochrons, extinct and active spreading ridge locations, continental-ocean boundaries and the associated plate rotation file.


Digital agegrid of the world's ocean floor. Updated version of the Müller et al. (1997) agegrid with associated isochron, cob and rotation files.


Digital Palaeo-agegrids of the world's ocean floor. Click image to download images, ascii and GMT grid files as well as the associated isochron, cob and rotation files.


Global Palaeo-bathymetry grids. Click image to download images and the parameters used to create these grids.


Present day and palaeo-stress maps of the Australian Plate.


Global observational data from the world's subduction zones and associated back-arc basins. Click image to download images, graphs and data of subduction zone parameters.


Click image to view present day global plate boundaries based on the Nuvel and Bird datasets and links to download plate boundary data.


ICONS is a database of Intracontinental Sedimentary Basins. Click image to go to the website.

EarthByte Software


GPlates is a free open-source plate-tectonics visualisation software package developed at the University of Sydney, California Institute of Technology and the Geological Survey of Norway.


Underworld is the latest finite element code currently under development at Monash University.


Ellipsis is a particle-in-cell finite element code. Click here to download the code. Or click here for more information on ellipsis and to download the ellipsis GUI code and documentation.


GMT is an open source collection of ~60 tools for manipulating geographic and Cartesian data sets and producing Encapsulated PostScript File (EPS) illustrations.


CitcomS is a particle-in-cell finite element modelling tool developed at the California Institute of technology.

EarthByte GML-based Information Model Development


Click image to go to the EarthByte GPlates Markup Language (GPML) page.


Click image to go to the CSIRO-based SEEGrid GeoSciML pages.


Click image to go to the CSIRO-based Geological Time pages.